Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering courses encompass the conceptualisation, design, manufacture, control and maintenance of machines ranging from a conveyer, space shuttle to nanotechnology based objects. In broad terms, mechanical engineering channels the energy and forces in nature to the service of people. The fields in which mechanical engineering professionals operate are wide – ranging and continually growing and adapting; these include: from oil and gas, power generation, water utilities, process plants, mining, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and defence.

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CC-E - Best Practice Design, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Conveyors and Chutes

Designed for engineers and technicians from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds, this manual covers basic conveyors, selection, safety, legal obligations, terminology and background. It is an excellent introduction to troubleshooting and maintenance of conveyors and chutes.

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BL-E - Boiler Plant Operation and Management

This manual provides the most up-to-date information and practical understanding of the installation, operation, maintenance and management of boiler plants. It will give you the ability to recognize and solve boiler problems simply, easily and with confidence.

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AC-E - Fundamentals of Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

This manual is designed for engineers and technicians from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and will provide an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. It commences with a review of psychrometric charts and then examines the factors that influence design choices, indoor air quality, load calculations and heating/ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Numerous tips and tricks throughout the manual make it very practical and topical to your applications.

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ME-E - Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

This introductory manual is designed for those with little or no prior formal background, who function as managers, supervisors, engineers, planners, inspectors, designers, researchers, investors or procurers, and who seek a basic understanding of the practical aspects of mechanical engineering.

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SA-E - Fundamentals of Pipe Stress Analysis with Introduction to CAESAR II

Piping system design constitutes a major part of the design and engineering effort in any facility. Stress analysis is a critical component of piping design through which important parameters such as piping safety, safety of related components and connected equipment and piping deflection can be addressed. The objective of pipe stress analysis is to prevent premature failure of piping and piping components and ensuring that piping stresses are kept within allowable limits.

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PT-E - Fundamentals of Process Plant Layout and Piping Design

Plants, such as refineries and petrochemical plants, are complex facilities consisting of equipment, piping systems, instruments, electrical systems, electronics, computers, and control systems. The design, engineering and construction of process plants involve a multidisciplinary team effort. Plant layout and design of piping systems constitute a major part of the design and engineering effort. The objective is to design safe and dependable processing facilities in a cost effective manner.

This manual will cover the fundamental principles and concepts used in process plant layout and piping design. It will provide you with a clear understanding of the design and engineering principles used in plant layout and piping design.

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GT-E- Gas Turbines Fundamentals, Maintenance, Inspection and Troubleshooting

This manual gives a solid review of gas turbines with a focus on fundamental thermodynamics; gas turbine components; materials of construction; bearing, seals and lubrication systems; fuels and fuel supply systems; combustion air filters; control systems and instrumentation and operations and maintenance.

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SF-E - Machinery and Automation Safety for Industry

Safety regulations are now well established in industry but in many cases companies are taking inadequate measures laying themselves and their staff open to prosecution. And on the other hand many companies are taking safety measures to protect their staff; but are wasting a considerable amount of money in achieving ineffective partial compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

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VB-E - Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

This manual provides a detailed examination of the detection, location and diagnosis of faults in rotating and reciprocating machinery using vibration analysis. The basics and underlying physics of vibration signals are first examined. The acquisition and processing of signals is reviewed followed by a discussion of machinery fault diagnosis using vibration analysis, and rectifying the unidentified faults.

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MW-E - Mechanical Design Concepts for Non-Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering in simple terms deals with any equipment that moves; this is what makes it perhaps the most broad and diverse of engineering disciplines. The mechanical discipline essentially derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small, even nano, individual devices, such as measuring instruments, to large systems such as machine tools and power plants. Easy installation and serviceability are critical to the success of a mechanical system as is operational and design flexibility.

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PU-E - Performance Monitoring of Pumps and Compressors

This manual covers in detail, the technique of performance monitoring as applied to centrifugal pumps and positive displacement, centrifugal and axial flow compressors. The topics of discussion include: Principles of operation Thermodynamic and hydraulic evaluation Important performance parameters and selection considerations Methods to derive the above from first principles and empirical relationships Handling gas and gas mixture properties Interpretation of results This manual will be of immense benefit to those involved in the procurement, operation and maintenance of pumps and compressors.

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PA-E - Pipeline Systems - Design, Construction, Maintenance and Asset Management

This manual covers the practical aspects of pipeline design, integrity, maintenance and repair. Applicable codes and standards are examined, as will the issues of mechanical and hydraulic design and construction practices. The optimum routing and layout techniques will also be assessed. You will learn to recognise causes of degradation in-service, whether mechanically induced (pressure, fatigue, pressure transients and external damage) or due to corrosion for example, wall thinning, pitting and cracking. The focus of this manual is mainly in a land based environment and will teach you to use key performance indicators to measure the performance of your pipeline system.

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MM-E - Practical Balancing, Alignment and Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment

This manual discusses precision maintenance for rotating machinery and associated applications, operations, maintenance and management issues. The focus is on the most up-to-date information and best practice. After an introduction to the application of maintenance and costs of breakdowns, the important issue of vibration and vibration measurement is detailed. The important topic of balancing is then discussed drawing on practical examples.

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CR-E - Practical Cleanroom Technology and Facilities for Engineers and Technicians

This manual covers working in a controlled environment; handling, storing and using hazardous materials, wet chemicals and gases; increasing your product yield; understanding different cleanroom concepts; controlling contamination from interfering with the production of your product and its end-use performance; codes and legislation governing the design and operation of cleanrooms; hi-purity water; its uses, generation and distribution waste water treatment and personnel safety practices in the cleanroom environment.

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MY-E - Practical Corrosion Management

This manual covers the fundamental principles and concepts related to corrosion, the metallurgical and environmental factors that influence it, and the various methods employed for corrosion control and failure prevention.

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HY-E - Practical Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Operations and Troubleshooting

This information packed practical manual focusing on hydraulics and pneumatics will enhance your knowledge of the fundamentals, improve your maintenance programs and help you become an excellent troubleshooter of the problems in this area. No matter what hydraulics or pneumatics applications you are working on, and what the level of your knowledge, this manual will be highly beneficial to you.

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LB-E - Practical Lubrication Engineering for Engineers and Technicians

Basic knowledge of lubricants and their applications are very important for maintenance technicians and maintenance engineers. The variety of different lubricants increased considerably over the last 10 years and if the right lubricant is used at the right time and in the correct application, maintenance cost can be reduced and the life expectancy of equipment increased.

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MD-E - Practical Mechanical Drives (Belt, Chains and Gears) for Engineers and Technicians

Most engineering professionals working with drives will confirm that there are major benefits in installing and maintaining mechanical drives correctly. Typical areas which can be dramatically improved include: less wear and tear on equipment; minimal unscheduled downtime and production losses and improved operating efficiencies. This manual examines most mechanical drives such as belts, chains, gears in terms of improved lubrication, proper alignment and fastening techniques. There is detailed coverage of troubleshooting techniques so that you can identify symptoms of failure well before the event and thus correct the problem.

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SR-E - Practical Mechanical Sealing with Rotary, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seal Types plus Gaskets

Whether you consider yourself as amateur or knowledgeable, practical or theoretical, you will find this mechanical seals manual is jam-packed with useful, easy to apply information.


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FN-E - Practical Operation and Maintenance of Industrial Fans and Blowers

This manual explains the basic fundamentals of fans and blowers and their fundamental properties, operational characteristics with their behavior and operating curves for easy understanding.

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CO-E - Practical Process Compressors

This manual guides you from the basics of thermodynamics to every practical aspect of air and gas compression as used in any process industry. It covers the principle, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the most commonly used types of compressors.

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PP-E - Practical Pumps Design, Operation and Maintenance for Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps

This manual discusses pump construction, design applications, operations and maintenance issues and provides you with the most up-to-date information and best practice in dealing with the subject. You will develop the skills and ability to recognise and solve pump problems in a structured and confident manner.

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LF-E - Practical Safe Lifting Practice and Maintenance

This manual has been put together by an expert in the area of lifting practice and equipment who has observed and studied the problems in working with loads. Lifting equipment refers to both the lifting tackle as well as lifting machines. This comprehensive 300 page manual which will act as a reference for your work for years to come.

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CM-E - Pumps and Compressors Control, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

This manual focuses on the fundamentals of centrifugal pumps and compressors. It discusses pump/compressor construction, design-applications, operations, maintenance and management issues provides you with the most up-to-date information and best practice in dealing with the subject. This is not an advanced manual but one focusing on the fundamentals and therefore will not be suitable for you if you are a pump or compressor "guru"!

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TY-E - Reliability Centered Maintenance

The manual is designed to familiarize you with the principles and procees of implementing a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program. RCM is a systematic and structured process used to decide what must be done to ensure that any physical asset, system or process continues to do whatever its users want it to do.

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HS-E - Rigid and Flexible Hose Connections

Hose design and construction is a very technical and precise science. Proper selection and sizing of hoses and allied fittings is critical to ensuring the efficiency of a hydraulic system. Good installation and routing practices not only enhance system performance and efficiency but also provide sufficient safeguards under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature. Proper material selection is vital to ensuring long service life of the hose and also goes a long way in minimizing the possibility of premature hose failures. It is also important to strictly adhere to safety considerations, while deciding on the type of hose to be used in a particular application. Hose condition in general can be effectively monitored through the implementation of timely maintenance practices. In the event that any failure symptoms are identified, remedial measures must be undertaken well in time, if catastrophic failures are to be prevented.

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