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Industrial data communications, networking and IT systems are key components of all modern plants and facilities and industrial infrastructure. Viral and hack attacks on industrial computer systems have become increasingly common and personnel working within this industry need to constantly refresh their skills and knowledge on technical practical and theoretical subjects.

Short courses by IDC Video cover subjects that are both fundamentals and advanced courses for engineers and technicians in industry. Typical subjects include computer systems engineering, data communications and networking protocols and standards, troubleshooting systems, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, Radio telemetry systems, fiber optics, DNP3, 61850, routers and switches, SCADA, Modbus, programmable logic controllers, RFID tagging, industrial network security and programming.

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NS-E - Industrial Network Security for SCADA, Automation, Process Control and PLC Systems

This manual will give you a fundamental understanding of security in effective industrial networking and data communications technology. It will also present you with the key issues associated with security in industrial communications networks and will assist managers, system operators and industrial data communications specialists in setting up secure systems. Topics covered include: introduction and terminology; firewalls; authentication, authorization and anonymity; remote access to corporate networks; cryptography; VPN's; data security; desktop and network security; security precautions in a connected world; and internet security.

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SN-E - SNMP Network Management - The Essentials

Network Management is about monitoring and managing multi-protocol networks using the SNMP Protocol. This manual reviews the SNMP Protocol structure, Network management applications, and query agents. There is a detailed discussion on identifying objects, MIBs and SNMP devices.

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