Electronic Engineering

Electronics engineering involves an intimate knowledge of the behaviour of electrons to develop components, devices, systems or equipment. There are many subfields such as biomedical engineering, power electronics, digital signal and image processing. In common with all of the courses within the Electronics course category, students in this field require a multi-disciplinary approach. The short courses in this category offer practical, industry focused technical content, that can be used straight away.

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DS-E - Digital Signal Processing Systems

This manual covers the fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), applying DSP technology to improve efficiency, analysing frequency of signals and the application of this knowledge, the correct application of design digital filters, analysing the performance of DSP systems, identifying the key issues in designing a DSP system and the specific features and capabilities of commercial DSP applications.

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IE-E - Industrial Electronics

Industrial electronics has become an integral part of our businesses. A working knowledge of electronics has now become a prerequisite for efficiency in the work place. This manual will 'demystify' the world of electronics to you and equip you to understand, identify and confidently troubleshoot electronic problems. You will gain the vital knowledge that you need to: multi-skill, reduce down-time, save your company money, and secure your value in the workplace. You will learn the latest trends and techniques in the fast-moving field of industrial electronics.

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PE-E - Power Electronics and Switch Mode Power Supply

Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) have become an important part of equipment design in all types of industrial equipment and an understanding of the different types and designs has become essential for reliable operation of complex equipment. This manual gives you a fundamental understanding of the basic components that form a SMPS design. You will understand how the selection of components affects the different performance parameters and operation of the SMPS.

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EB-E - Practical Embedded Controllers Troubleshooting and Design

From microwave ovens to alarm systems to industrial PLC and DCS control systems, embedded controllers are controlling our world. The microcontrollers that are at the heart of these and many more devices are becoming easier and simpler to use. But when these devices fail the solution to the problem needs to be found and the repairs have to be done quickly. This manual will help the technician, engineer and even the most casual user understand the inter-workings of microcontrollers along with the most common problems and their solutions.

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SG-E - Practical Shielding, EMCEMI, Noise Reduction, Earthing and Circuit Board Layout

The aim of this manual is to help you identify, design, prevent and fix common EMI/EMC problems with a focus on earthing and shielding techniques. Learning how to fix earthing and shielding problems on the job can be very expensive and frustrating. Although it must be noted that most of the principles involved are simple, this manual will give you the tools to approach earthing and shielding issues in a logical and systematic way. This manual focuses on the issues of interest to you if you are working in design, operation or maintenance of analog or digital systems involving sensors, data acquisition, process control, cables, signal processing, programmable logic controllers, power distribution, high speed logic etc.

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EI-E - Practical Troubleshooting of Electronic Circuits for Engineers and Technicians

This manual will give you a solid understanding in common electronic terminology and symbols, as well as the construction and operation of common electronic components. The general troubleshooting process is explained followed by a brief study of various hand tools and electronic test and measuring instruments. You will learn to implement procedures for the testing of electronic components as well as skills for carrying out simple repair procedures for the correction of faults on printed circuit boards with confidence.

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