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This manual will provide you with practical knowledge (including tips, tricks and tools) covering the fundamentals of power transformers and their testing. It will greatly assist you in communicating more effectively with your electrical engineering colleagues.

This manual also covers the importance of transformer testing and their purpose, the different kinds of transformer tests and their procedures and the practical applications of principals applied in transformer operation and maintenance.

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Table of Contents

An Introduction to Installation, Testing and Troubleshooting of Transformers

1    Introduction

There are a number of standards that define the functional and testing requirements for power and distribution transformers. For example some of the main standards available for transformers are IEC-60076 Power Transformer, BS 7821-4 parts: three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformers, 50 Hz, from 50 to 2500 kVA with highest voltage for equipment not exceeding 36 kV. BS 7844-2 parts: three-phase dry-type distribution transformers 50 Hz, from 100 to 2500 kVA with highest voltage for equipment not exceeding 36 kV, IS 2026: Power Transformers.

This manual will specify the requirements and procedure of ‘Testing of Transformers’ for Power Transformer (including auto Transformer) and will not cover small and special purpose transformers. This article mainly indicates the acceptance criterion for a transformer before putting a transformer for a particular service application, mainly relating to the testing of transformers at manufacturer’s works or in an approved laboratory. This is done to ensure that they meet the specific needs of an application.


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