Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering, also known as Process engineering, focuses on identifying the best system of chemical and physical operations for processing. This includes abiding by the correct operating conditions involved in converting raw materials to be refined into a tradable commodity.

Globally, process industries provide a sought after service to society and the economy. Chemical or Process engineers and technicians are often involved in areas such as gas processing, oil refining, petrochemicals, polymers, minerals processing and metals, agrochemicals, high-performance materials used in the automotive and aerospace industries, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. Industry developments and new trends have also opened up emerging markets like bioengineering and biotechnology industry. IDC Video short courses in chemical engineering provide an array of learning opportunities to up-skill and cross-skill in their chosen field.

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CH-E - Handling Chemicals - Tips, Tricks and Tools

This manual will greatly assist you in communicating more effectively with your chemical engineering colleagues. If you are a non-chemical engineer this book will be invaluable in increasing your skills and knowledge in this area.

$139.94 Ex Tax: $127.22

CE-E - Practical Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

Many technical professionals today find themselves working with large scale chemical processes even though they don't have formal training in Chemical Engineering. This manual intends to fill this gap and provide you with knowledge of chemical engineering fundamentals along with the ability to apply this knowledge to specify, design, operate, maintain and troubleshoot chemical processes. If you are a non-chemical engineer this manual will enable you to confidently talk to and work effectively with chemical engineers and process equipment.

$139.94 Ex Tax: $127.22

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